Storytime Magazine

Storytime is an illustrated story magazine for children aged 3 to 9, created and published by Luma Works – the company I founded in 2009 and co-owned until late 2019.

I developed the title's content and, on a monthly basis, I researched, planned, wrote, edited and proofread every issue. I also wrote and commissioned poems and original stories, devised puzzles, activities and games, and looked after the Storytime blog and our social media channels. Our subscribers included families and schools around the world. For schools and home educators, I also researched, planned and wrote teaching resource packs and lesson plans.  

Storytime has subscribers in over 40 countries, a special Singapore edition and a book deal. To date, I am the author of 12 Storytime books.

When launching Storytime, our guiding principle was to reject the overwhelming demand for plastic cover-mounted toys from magazine distributors and retailers, disrupt the children's magazine industry and put quality content first.

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