Storytime Magazine

Storytime is a beautifully illustrated magazine for children aged 3 to 9, created and published by the company I founded and co-own, Luma Works.

I developed the title's content and, on a monthly basis,  research, plan, write, edit and proofread every issue. I also write and commission poems and new stories, devise puzzles, activities and games, and look after the Storytime blog and our social media channels. Our subscribers include families and schools around the world. For schools and home educators, I also research, plan and write teaching resource packs and lesson plans.  

Storytime launched in 2014 in the UK and now has subscribers in over 40 countries, a special Singapore edition and a book deal. 

Storytime thrives in a competitive children's market, despite the fact that we ignored industry advice to put plastic toys on the cover. We did so because we believe that quality content - and the environment - should come first. We're delighted that our subscribers agree. 

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