Magic Belles Brand

Keen to explore and fully understand the challenges of creating a children's licensed brand, in 2011, I began developing a brand for children aged 3 to 8, which combined music with strong visuals. 

Over the next few years, the company I co-own, Luma Works, developed Magic Belles into a fully-fledged brand with a members-only website (now accessible to all for free), an app and an album. Working with an agent, Magic Belles won a deal with Nintendo and got interest from several major publishers. Magic Belles appeared in various children's character magazines on a monthly basis for over two years and also had a successful fan club.

We took the brand to children's events and festivals around the UK and won a prestigious Lovie Award for creating the best children's website in Europe.

I created the six main characters, giving them back stories, original poems, songs and short fiction stories. I also created regular content for the website, wrote the lyrics for their album and worked on the development of the Magic Belles style guide and product concepts.

It was a hugely rewarding and informative experience – and gave me great insight into working with children's character licenses and brands.