Cuddle Buddies Magazine

Back in 2015, just for fun, my company, Luma Works, developed and published a one-shot magazine called Too Cute (see below), which sold nationally in retail in the UK. Too Cute took the internet's obsession with cute animals and put it in print.

The magazine did well, but we knew it could do even better as a weekly magazine aimed at a younger readership, so we pitched our concept to the international publisher, De Agostini, who loved it.

Based on our original idea and using much of our original content, we developed a range of toys as well as a magazine series for children aged 3 to 7, and created five test issues for the UK and Spanish market. The content included facts, jokes, puzzles and crafts.

The magazine under the new name Cuddle Buddies (taken from Too Cute) launched nationally in 2018.